The Ultimate Guide on How to

Recognize, Eliminate, and Prevent Troubled Behavior. 

Change your thinking, change your life- that's the mantra of The Hurt/Help Book: The Ultimate Guide on How to Recognize, Eliminate, and Prevent Troubled Behavior. This workbook examines fourteen characters that you have likely encountered. Do you know a manipulator? A white collar criminal? A drug addict? Chances are you do. Chances are you may see any one of these characters in the mirror or society everyday. 


While it's easy to focus on the reprehensible nature of corrupt behavior, we often ignore the hurt behind it. This book gets to the core of that and more. Using what T.Dawson calls the "REP Method" it features easy yet thought-provoking, dig-deep exercises to help you.
  • Identify the cause of problematic behavior. 
  • Understand the ramifications of that behavior. 
  • Stop and overcome such behavior permanently. 
  • Begin to make life-affirming choices to become a better self. 
If your poor choices have imprisoned you emotionally, mentally, or literally, and you're ready to break free from that negative cycle, you'll find the support you need in The Hurt/Help Book from an author that understands where you are and believes in your potential. 


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