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THE HURT HELP GROUP vision is to provide all individuals with respectful and effective tools to live a purposeful and responsible life, by providing counseling, mentoring, tutoring, and training, through various workshops. These workshops will focus on building character, leadership, improving higher education, and vocational training. 

​THE HURT HELP GROUP will make landmark changes by showing individuals how to recognize self-inflicted behavior through processes that will hold themselves accountable for their actions. This is achieved by providing helpful tools, to re-direct their thoughts and behaviors to a more positive solution. 



Our goal is to assist those who have endured substance abuse, abuse, violence, and hopelessness in life, and provide them the necessary tools to live a positive purposeful life. All individuals will receive assistance in recovery, due to generational trauma or personal choices, by attending counseling, life skills, vocational training, tutoring, and college preparation, so they can be of SUCCESS and not a statistic. 

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