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To provide an educational atmosphere that focuses on Prevention, Intervention, and Reentry for individuals, by allowing them to recognize thought processes and problematic issues that may arise throughout life and learn how to cope with dealing with the HURT they have endured; while providing them a positive aspect of HELP on how to deal with all of life's situations, so they may become phenomenal pillars and contributors to themselves and society. ​


"Iron Sharpens Iron..."


T. Dawson like anyone else, has had his share of run ins with self-inflicted behavior. Dawson has overcome a lot of obstacles he created in life, through trial and error. He speaks from years of experience with the knowledge he shares in his book, workshops, and outreach. Dawson dislike being told he's an exception to the rule, as to why he made it. Dawson believes everyone can make it or achieve success through self-determination and a great support system. A native of Louisiana via Los Angeles; he's an active pillar in the community where he speaks and inspires others to become a better them. ​

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